Cimbria has been involved in the malting industry for over 40 years and is a leader in supplying cleaning, drying and conveying equipment for malting barley and dry malt processing equipment.

In the UK, there are five main malt production companies and they all have three or more sites producing malt for UK brewers and the distilling industry in Scotland. Last year, Cimbria equipment was installed on three projects in the malting sector in different areas of the malting process.

Crisp Malting Group

Starting at the beginning of the malting process – barley dressing

Crisp Malting Group needed to replace their old barley dressers and hoped to improve the sample at the same time; they chose the Cimbria Delta 116 for the project. The building was quite restricted in terms of space, but due to improvements in cleaner design they were able to get greater screen area and a more effective aspiration system to clean out the dust and barley awns more effectively with the new cleaner. Improved quality of malting barley going to steep was achieved at a capacity of up to 23 tph. A Cimbria Delta 145 for cleaning malt at 30 tph was also included within the scope of this project.

Bairds at Witham

The dressed malting barley then goes to be steeped, changing the density and flow characteristics of the barley. Moisture content is increased to 45 percent with some germination already taking place.

Bairds at Witham, one of Cimbria UK"s longstanding malting customers, had a wet pumped blow line system for conveying steeped barley to the germination vessels that needed to be replaced. The Cimbria proposal was to use six Cimbria Contec screw conveyors of the type SUH 500, discharging the steeps at 90 tph using low flight speeds to reduce damage to the germinating malting barley. De-watering outlets remove excess water from the conveyors, whilst hinged lids allow the machines to be cleaned down manually by pressure washer between batches. The customer is pleased with the robust equipment. Discharge capacity has exceeded expectations and the system has helped improve germination yield of the malting barley.


Simpsons Malt

Steeped barley then germinates in vessels to become green malt and is kiln-dried to become the final product – malt. The malt is de-culmed and dressed prior to going out to customers in bulk or bag.

Simpsons Malt wanted to upgrade its existing 20 tph malt dressing plant. The existing equipment was not fast enough, so Cimbria proposed 2 x 146 Combi Cleaners mounted back-to-back, which would easily give 60 tph dressing and polishing of the malt prior to bulk discharge for delivery to its customers. Cimbria continues to develop equipment for the malt production process and recognizes the importance of this sector to its business.

Efficient and gently cleaning of malted barley

Cimbria"s partner in the USA, Bratney Companies, provides cleaning systems for Proximity Malt in Laurel, Delaware, and Monte Vista, Colorado. Bratney Companies had confidential discussions with Proximity Malt and their representatives for cleaning/sizing of raw and malted barley to meet their exacting specifications for the growing home and craft beer brewing markets in North America. Cimbria were approached by this new company based on their experience with most of the malt houses in North America and our long tradition of quality equipment and local sales support.

Proximity Malt is a start-up malt company, designed to take advantage of under-utilised barley supply chains to bring regional grains to malt users looking for quality, consistency and regional production. The company now produces a full range of malted grains, from pale to roasted. They will build, maintain and sustain access to local grains for quality malt processing on a scale that provides consistency, efficiency and variety in malt sourcing for the malt user. They were looking for a gentle handling system that would efficiently move and clean the malting barley for their two regional malting facilities in Colorado and Delaware.

With plants located in the heart of barley-rich agricultural production areas, Proximity Malt was looking for equipment that would efficiently and gently clean the grain while maintaining husk integrity, which is important for the malting process. The scope for the plants consisted of following Cimbria equipment: Combi cleaners, Aspirators, De-stoning systems and Cimbria JCC metal cleaners for screening of malt prior to bagging.

Both Monte Vista and Laurel processing lines has been commissioned and are smoothly running. An important part of the vital craft beer supply in North America, Proximity Malt is using the cleaning systems to provide their customers with clean and consistent malt shipments.

Cimbria was established in 1947 and is today an international organisation with 900 employees in 30 companies throughout the world. Since 2016, Cimbria has been a part of AGCO corporation. Cimbria offers storage, equipment and processing plants for the grain and seed industry and transport and conveying equipment for bulk handling. The company has an experienced, highly qualified workforce, its own development and construction department and modern production facilities, which enable it to construct and manufacture all of the solutions in accordance with the individual requirements of each client.


by Cimbria, Denmark

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