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Is Spray-Dried Plasma the best protein alternative?

By Dr Javier Polo, Victor Deike, APC Europe

A series of stress factors such as disease (necrotic enteritis, coccidiosis and others) or environmental and production conditions or factors (litter quality, heat stress, stocking density, etc.) can have negative impacts on poultry production. Depending on the nature and extent of the stress, various consequences such as increased mortality, higher feed/weight gain ratios, bodyweight reduction or reduced pigmentation can occur, which all influence the profitability of the system. Stress factors can have subclinical effects in the body, including, the overreaction of the immune system that can cause impairment of the intestinal barrier function and reduce utilisation of nutrients for productive functions.

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The underestimated uses of fishmeal and fish oil in swine and poultry diets

by Dr Neil Auchterlonie, Technical Director, IFFO

Decades ago fishmeal and fish oil were the mainstay of pig and poultry production, but with the growth of aquaculture from the 1960s onwards these materials have been diverted largely towards feeding fish. With a very broad nutritional profile, their use as feed ingredients for pig and poultry does have large potential advantages, not least of which relate to farmed animal health and welfare. Their high quality is reflected in the market price, but least cost formulations may not always produce higher profit margins once the production benefits are taken into account.

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by Pinar Erdal, R&D Manager of Mirpain Bakery Ingredients, Turkey

Bread, is the most widely consumed food in the world and its main ingredient is flour. For making bread, the most consumed flour is Wheat Flour and the most important value of wheat is its quality.
The quality of the wheat flour depends on its compounds which depends on wheat variety its compounds, harvest season (winter or spring), climatic effects (rainfall), storage conditions-durations, crop and after crop treatment, planting regime, biological effects and so on.

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The Pelletier Column: Critical thinking in a world of fake news

by Christophe Pelletier

Nothing seems to be more in the news lately than the concept of fake news. The issue of fake news is a great example of how technology in the wrong hands can create a lot of confusion and damage. The Internet and social media are great tools that can serve the larger good if used with discernment, but they are so powerful that human nature can also express its darker sides in just as an effective manner.

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The British Engineering Works of Mr William Whitmore Milling journals of the past at The Mills Archive

by Mildred Cookson, The Mills Archive, UK

This well-established British Engineering Works featured in ‘The Miller’ of November 2, 1885. Continuing their series of visits to the firms principally involved in the manufacture of flour milling machinery, they reported on the ironworks at Wickham Market. The site benefitted from its closeness to the then Great Eastern Railway, with a telegraph office close by. It was also then, among the oldest established engineering and millwrighting workshops of England. The Wickham Market Ironworks were already more than 100 years old, having been founded in 1780 by the Grandfather of the senior partner running the firm in 1885, William Whitmore.

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The Interview with Nath Morris

Nath Morris, a Georgia Native, has 31 years of experience in the Poultry Industry. Currently Vice President of Expo for the US Poultry & Egg Association, Nath manages the annual International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. Nath previously served as Sales Director for Heritage Breeders, a Division of Perdue Farms; Yield Specialist and Territory Manager for Aviagen/Arbor Acres and held various processing positions with Seaboard Farms of Athens. Nath is a 1986 graduate of The University of Georgia with BS in Poultry Science. He has also served 16 years on the Hall County Board of Education and is a past president of the Georgia School Board Association. Nath and his wife, Joy, live in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

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Over 900 attendees from 30 countries gathered for the AACCI AGM

by Prof. Dr. M. Hikmet Boyacıo˘glu, International Editor

Celebrating its Centennial Meeting in Minneapolis, USA, this year more than 900 attendees from 30 countries gathered for the AACC International Annual Meeting from October 23-26, 2016 in Savannah, GA, USA to learn, collaborate and innovate with the best and the brightest in the grain-based foods industry.

The AACCI annual meetings bring together hundreds of individuals from industry, academia and government dedicated to sharing science, networking and discussing global solutions.

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Antares Plus – the plus in yield and flour quality

The Antares Plus roller mill optimizes yield and flour quality thanks to innovative sensor technology

The Antares roller mill stands for high-quality grinding, the highest standard of sanitation and consistently reliable operation. The further development of the Antares Plus brings together all these benefits while also increasing yield, maximizing flour quality and reducing energy consumption, all thanks to new sensor technology.

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